47th Annual Cumberland Soar for Fun

47th Annual Cumberland Fall Soar for Fun

Date: Thursday, November 7 – Monday, November 11, 2013

 We have a five day weather window, so we hope for at least one great day. Previous years have given us five greats days in a row…you will have to come and see!

* As always, all manner of sailplanes are welcome…DLG to Giant Scale
* We will have tugs to aerotow everything from small foamies to giant scale, plus winch w/ retriever.
* Weather conditions will dictate style of flying, so bring everything…slopers to floaters, foamies to giant scale.
* Landing fee is $10.00 for one day or $30.00 for the whole event. (Why come for just one day then, best deal is the whole time!)

Location: HighPoint Aviation Airfield

  • The HighPoint Aviation Airfield atop Knobley Mountain three miles south of Cumberland, MD in West Virginia off Route 28 half way between Wiley Ford and Short Gap.

Recommended places to stay:

Fairfield Inn and Suites


Comfort Inn & Suites:


Directions to the HighPoint Aviation Airfield:

GPS data for airfield:

  • Latitude: North 39° 34.872′ Longitude: West 78° 48.230′

GPS data for intersection of WV Route 28 and Crestwood Loop:

  • Latitude: North 39° 34.941′ Longitude: West 78° 47.134′

* From I-68 (on the crosstown bridge over Cumberland) take the Industrial Boulevard exit.
* As you enter onto Industrial Boulevard, stay in the right lane because in a short distance you will exit onto Canal Parkway.
* Canal Parkway will take you across the Potomac River into Wiley Ford, WV where it becomes WV Route 28.
*Travel south on WV Route 28 for three miles to the first intersection with Crestwood Loop (Crestwood Loop intersects with WV Route 28 in two places that are about 1/4 mile apart).
* From this point, follow the pointer signs that says “SOAR” The road up to the airfield is an unpaved mountain road with many turns and steep grades, so be prepared. Have all of your cargo secured so it will not get damaged.

Food & Facilities:

* A lunch concession will be available each day and will be served at about 1:00pm. Typically will consist of a sandwich, chips, and soft drink for $5.00 donation.

* Bring what food, snacks and drinks you will consume the rest of the day and please take your empty wrappers and bottles with you because there is no trash removal service available for the airfield.

* There will be port-a-pot facilities on site. Camping is allowed on site, but there is no 110AC or running water.

* Bring layers of clothing because the temperature can vary widely over the same day. Don’t forget sunblock and skin lotion because many go home with sun and wind burn after being outside all day in the elements.